U.P. Reader #2 — Posters available for a limited time

U.P. Reader — Issue #2 cover posters of the wolf that Mikel Classen photographed near Marquette, MI are available for a limited time!  Each poster is printed on lush Fujifilm photographic paper, the same photo paper you would get at an old-timey camera store.

You can pick them up. at the UPPAA Spring Meeting at the Landmark Inn (Marquette, MI) on June 2nd, 2018.

Each poster includes a sturdy, re-usable cardboard tube mailer with plastic caps to protect the poster as you take it from one venue to the next.

About the photo, Mikel Classen writes:

This was shot a few years back in northern Marquette County. That was back when I carried a Pentax and still shot with film. This was taken with a 200 m telephoto lens on 35mm film. I’ve always felt that the wolf is the embodiment of the spirit of the Upper Peninsula. Loyal to its family, yet independent and tenacious, a creature that has overcome all odds to survive, the wolf’s struggle reflects our struggles.
There is no U.P. wilderness without the wolf. To hear the call of the wolf echoing across the untamed landscape is to truly live.

UP Reader — Issue #2 goes to press

We are proud to announce that U.P. Reader — Issue #2 has just been sent to the printer.

Below is the final version of the cover that was sent to production.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Use right mouse-button and choose “Save As…” to save it to your computer.  All rights are hereby granted for use on all social media platforms for any purpose.

U.P. Reader -- Issue #2
U.P. Reader — Issue #2

Emma Locknane receives 2nd place Dandelion Cottage Award

Emma Locknane
Emma Locknane

Tonight I presented Emma Locknane with her second-place Dandelion Cottage Short Story medallion. This was during the Gwinn School Board meeting. Two TV stations and the Mining Journal were in attendance, but I don’t think they were there to place me on the air waves.

The original purpose of the short story contest was to encourage students to write. This does not appear to be the case. Every one of the winners that I have talked to stated they were writing long before the contest. We did not discover them; they discovered us. They are ecstatic to have a platform where they can show off their writing skills.

Both first and second place winners plan to attend our spring conference. We may have a younger looking conference.

Bio: Emma Locknane is a junior at Gwinn High School. She enjoys hobbies such as writing, drawing, knitting, and daydreaming. Her favorite reading genres are science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. She has many stories of her own she’s working on, and often spends her time developing characters and fictional worlds

Dandelion Cottage Award winners to be featured in U.P. Reader #2

U.P. Publishers & Authors Association Announces Winners of First Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest

MARQUETTE, MI (April 27, 2018) — The U.P. Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) has announced the winners of its first Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest.

UPPAA, established in 1998 as an organization for anyone from or associated with Upper Michigan who is interested in writing and publishing, has continually sought to educate its members on all aspects of writing, publishing, and book marketing. Since its founding, the organization has grown to more than one hundred authors. Its members have produced a wide variety of books ranging from U.P. history and travel books to historical fiction, mysteries, romance, fantasy, science fiction, nature, recreation, children’s books, and poetry.

The idea to hold a short story contest for high school students was the brain child of Larry Buege, UPPAA’s current treasurer and the author of several books, including his popular young adult Chogan Native American series. Buege said he was inspired to create the contest to encourage young writers because he has a granddaughter in Wisconsin who published her first novel while in the sixth grade. “I was convinced that we may have similarly talented writers in the U.P.,” Buege said.

Buege approached the rest of the UPPAA board members, who embraced the idea of a contest that would encourage students to become interested in writing and to pursue their talents. Buege also found an anonymous donor to provide financial support. He chose to name the contest after the classic children’s book Dandelion Cottage (1904) by Carroll Watson Rankin, an author from Marquette who published several children’s novels. Once the contest was announced and entries began to come in, Buege was confirmed in believing the idea was a good one. “I was not disappointed,” he said. “The quality of the submissions was beyond my expectations.”

U.P. Reader Issue #2
U.P. Reader Issue #2

The submissions were judged by a group of UPPAA members, all authors themselves. Prizes for the contest were designated to be $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. However, this first year there was a tie for third place and the judges also decided to award an Honorable Mention. In addition to the cash prizes, the first place winner’s name will be engraved on a traveling trophy that will be displayed at the student’s school each year. First, second, and third place winners are also all given medallions with their names and award placement engraved on them. Finally, the first and second place winners’ stories will be published in the 2nd annual U.P. Reader, the new literary publication of UPPAA, which will be released at UPPAA’s annual meeting on June 2.

This year, the first place winner of the Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest is Katie McEachern, a freshman from Negaunee. She won for her story “The Attack.” Second place is awarded to Emma Locknane, a junior from Gwinn, for her story “Welcome to the New Age.” Third place is awarded to both Anna Laakso, a sophomore from Republic/Michigamme, for her story “Elite” and Sarah Lauzon, a fifth grader from Ironwood for “Henry the Kitten.” Honorable Mention is awarded to Sierra Hendrickson, a freshman from Negaunee, for her story “Abducted.”

Treasurer Larry Buege and Vice President Gretchen Preston have been traveling to the schools to present the awards to the students. In addition, at the annual UPPAA conference, President Tyler Tichelaar will present the traveling trophy to the first place winner and her teacher.

The Landmark Inn, Marquette
The Landmark Inn, Marquette

UPPAA’s annual conference will be held this year at the Landmark Inn in Marquette from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To attend the conference, visit https://uppaa.org/meeting-registration/. A full schedule of the conference, including speakers and presentations, is included at the website. Deadline for registration is May 25. Writers of all ages are welcome.

The second annual Dandelion Cottage contest is now open for entries. Full submission guidelines can be found at http://www.dandelioncottage.org/. The deadline for the contest is January 31, 2019.


Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association
For Immediate Release�
Contact: Tyler Tichelaar
(906) 226-1543


Meet Katie McEachern, winner of the 1st Dandelion Cottage Award

Bio: Katie McEachern is a freshman at Negaunee High School.  During her first year, she is active in band, chorus and gymnastics. In her free time Katie enjoys music, writing, drawing, poetry and many other fine arts. She also enjoys adventuring to “cool and unique” places. Additionally, Katie spends time taking pictures with friends, babysitting and doing makeup.

Katie McEachern, Winner of the Dandelion Cottage Award
Katie McEachern, Winner of the Dandelion Cottage Award

UP Reader announces cover design for Issue #2

UPPAA is proud to announce the finalist for cover design of the UP Reader — Issue #2.  Special thanks to Mike Classen for providing this awesome picture of a U.P. wolf.    Graphic design by Doug West’s ZAQ Design.

Cover Photo: “U.P. Wolf” by Mikel B. Classen. This was shot a few years back in northern Marquette County. That was back when I carried a Pentax and still shot with film. This was taken with a 200mm telephoto lens on 35mm film. I’ve always felt that the wolf is the embodiment of the spirit of the Upper Peninsula. Loyal to its family, yet independent and tenacious, a creature that has overcome all odds to survive, the wolf’s struggle reflects our struggles. There is no U.P. wilderness without the wolf. To hear the call of the wolf echoing across the untamed landscape is to truly live.
U.P. Reader Issue #2
U.P. Reader Issue #2

U.P. Publishers & Authors Association Holds 21st Annual Conference

For Immediate Release
Contact: Tyler Tichelaar
(906) 226-1543

U.P. Publishers & Authors Association Holds 21st Annual Conference:

Publishing & Book Marketing Industry to Be Explored

Historic Landmark Hotel is the site of the 2018 meeting

MARQUETTE, MI (April 15, 2018)  -In its constant commitment to informing regional authors and publishers of the latest changes in the publishing world and offering effective marketing and writing strategies, the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association (UPPAA) will hold its 21st Annual Conference on Saturday, June 2 in Marquette at the Landmark Inn from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

As always, this year’s conference will cover a variety of topics relevant to writing, publishing, and marketing, and it will be of interest to beginning writers as well as seasoned, published authors.

This year’s keynote speaker is Steve Lehto, an attorney and writer whose family is from the Copper Country. Lehto has written several books about Michigan and automotive history among other topics. His books Death’s Door: The Truth Behind Michigan’s Largest Mass Murder, Michigan’s Columbus: The Life of Douglass Houghton, Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation, and Preston Tucker and His Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow were all named Michigan Notable Books by the Library of Michigan. Along with the dozen or so books he has written, he writes frequently for others such as Mopar Action magazine and Road and Track.com.

In his keynote speech, titled “From Unagented Queries to a Dozen Books With Five Different Publishers,” Lehto will discuss how he went from being an unpublished author to having a dozen books published by four different publishers (and picked up an agent along the way). Highlights of his talk will include how he writes, where his book ideas have come from, how to tell good ideas from bad, how he sold his first books without an agent, and how it happened to be that Jay Leno wrote the forewords to two of his books.

Other sessions to be held are “Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, How It Works, and How We Get Paid” by Carrie Pearson, “Open a Vein: The Art of Memoir in Today’s Culture” by Felicia Schneiderhan, “Life-Altering Surprises, Annoying Sisters, and Running from Danger: Using Various Forms of Conflict to Keep Readers Addicted to Your Novel” by Naomi Rawlings, “The Quest for Your Best: A Poetry Workshop” by Janeen Rastall, “The Gift of Reading: A Book-Binding Workshop” by Susan Rosemurgy, and “How to Write a Mystery in 10 Agonizing Steps” by Vickie Fee. All the speakers are members of UPPAA or authors who live in or write about Upper Michigan.

This year, UPPAA will also present the first Dandelion Cottage Awards for its student short story contest. First place winner Katie McEachern of Negaunee will be present to receive her award for her story “The Attack.” The award includes a medallion, the winner’s name on a traveling school trophy, and a $250 cash prize. Second place will be awarded to Emma Locknane of Gwinn for her story “Welcome to the New Age,” accompanied by a medallion and $100 prize. Third place was a tie. Medallions and prize money of $50 will go to both Anna Laakso of Republic/Michigamme for her story “Elite” and to Sarah Lauzon of Ironwood for “Henry the Kitten.” Honorable Mention is also given to Sierra Hendrickson of Negaunee for her story “Abducted.”

In addition, the second volume of U.P. Reader, UPPAA’s own annual literary anthology featuring works by its members, will be released. Last year’s U.P. Reader was a successful publication that helped spread the word about the organization, raise money for it, and highlight the many writers living in the U.P. This year’s issue is even bigger and better than last year’s.

Finally, there will be a business meeting, a catered lunch buffet, a book collection taken up to support the Alger County Kiwanis’ annual auction, and networking opportunities for anyone wishing to learn more about writing, publishing, and book marketing.

The general public may attend the meeting for a $15 registration fee. UPPAA members attend free of charge. Space is limited, so advanced registration is recommended. Membership details, benefits, and registration are available online at www.uppaa.org. A catered deli lunch is available for $10 per person with advance reservations required. For questions, contact membership secretary Brandy Thomas at uppaa.membership@gmail.com or (509) 675-2487. To register by mail, send a check payable to UPPAA to Brandy Thomas, 140 Youngs Road, Gwinn, MI 49841. Registrations online or by mail must be received no later than May 25.

Established in 1998 to support authors and publishers who live in or write about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, UPPAA is a Michigan nonprofit association with more than 100 members, many of whose books are featured on the organization’s website at www.uppaa.org. UPPAA welcomes membership and participation from anyone with a UP connection who is interested in writing and publishing books.

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Advertise in U.P. Reader Volume 2

Current UPPAA members can purchase a 1/4 page advertisement for $25.
Advertisements should be pre-designed for 3.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches tall at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) tall  and suitable for black-and-white printing and in 300 Dots Per Inch.   No bleeds.

Alternately, you can send  50 words and up to one picture to victor@LHPress.com and I will make a best effort with your materials.
Advertising deadline for all materials and payments will be March 15th, 2018

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