Winners of Dandelion Cottage Award 2018 announced!

  • Who will grace this trophy in 2019?

    1st Place went to Emma Locknane of Gwinn H.S.

  • 2nd Place went to Lucy Woods of Copper Country Christian Schools
  • 3rd Place went to Kaitlin Ambuehl of Republic-Michigamme Schools

We had a lot of good talent this year. Some of the middle-grade submissions were particularly impressive for their age. Only our 1st and 3rd place winners are graduating. All the other authors will have another opportunity next year. We will be looking forward to their submissions.

Look for Emma, Lucy, and Kaitlin’s writing to appear in the upcoming U.P. Reader Issue #3 in April 2019.

Dandelion Cottage Winners to be featured in U.P. Reader #3!

Who will grace this trophy in 2019?

The deadline for the 2018-19 Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest has now passed, and our judges are busy reading the submissions. One thing is clear—we have some very talented young writers in the U.P. This is the second year of the contest and the momentum is growing. This award is administered by the U.P. Publishers and Authors Association.  Below are some stats comparing this year with last year.

  • The number of submissions increased by 60%
  • The number of participating schools increased by 75%.
  • 75% of the schools participating last year participated again this year.
  • Grade levels varied from 7th grade to senior in high school.
  • 25% of the participants are from middle schools.
  • 50% of the participants are from the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  • We had no entries east of Gwinn. (Eastern U.P. schools, we know you are out there!)
  • We had our first short story from a boy this year. (I know boys can tell stories.)
  • We had our first short story from a home-schooler.
  • Small schools again dominated, but we did have two larger schools test the water.
  • The longest story was 4,450 words and the shortest story was 1,159. Average word count was 2,454.

The Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association would like to thank the many teachers who helped make this contest possible. We could not have pulled this off without the enthusiasm of the teachers at the other end of the contest. If you happen to know any teachers, send an atta-boy/girl in their direction.

UPPAA members nominated for the 44th Annual Pushcart Prize

Katie McEachern
Katie McEachern, 1st Place Winner of 2018 Dandelion Cottage Award

Big congratulations to our UPPAA members who were nominated for the 44th Annual Pushcart Prize for their work in U.P. Reader #2. This is the only award that honors the best of American small presses each year with  an anthology that spans our great country.

  • Leslie Askwith for the personal essay “A Geology Geeks Finds God”
  • Katie McEachern for the short story “The Attack”

Katie is from Negaunee High School and was the first place winner in UPPAA’s Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest. She received $250. For rules see

Pushcart winners will be announced in April 2019 at the time of the release of next year’s anthology, however being nominated is an honor in itself that many writers treasure.

Emma Locknane receives 2nd place Dandelion Cottage Award

Emma Locknane
Emma Locknane

Tonight I presented Emma Locknane with her second-place Dandelion Cottage Short Story medallion. This was during the Gwinn School Board meeting. Two TV stations and the Mining Journal were in attendance, but I don’t think they were there to place me on the air waves.

The original purpose of the short story contest was to encourage students to write. This does not appear to be the case. Every one of the winners that I have talked to stated they were writing long before the contest. We did not discover them; they discovered us. They are ecstatic to have a platform where they can show off their writing skills.

Both first and second place winners plan to attend our spring conference. We may have a younger looking conference.

Bio: Emma Locknane is a junior at Gwinn High School. She enjoys hobbies such as writing, drawing, knitting, and daydreaming. Her favorite reading genres are science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. She has many stories of her own she’s working on, and often spends her time developing characters and fictional worlds

Dandelion Cottage Award winners to be featured in U.P. Reader #2

U.P. Publishers & Authors Association Announces Winners of First Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest

MARQUETTE, MI (April 27, 2018) — The U.P. Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) has announced the winners of its first Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest.

UPPAA, established in 1998 as an organization for anyone from or associated with Upper Michigan who is interested in writing and publishing, has continually sought to educate its members on all aspects of writing, publishing, and book marketing. Since its founding, the organization has grown to more than one hundred authors. Its members have produced a wide variety of books ranging from U.P. history and travel books to historical fiction, mysteries, romance, fantasy, science fiction, nature, recreation, children’s books, and poetry.

The idea to hold a short story contest for high school students was the brain child of Larry Buege, UPPAA’s current treasurer and the author of several books, including his popular young adult Chogan Native American series. Buege said he was inspired to create the contest to encourage young writers because he has a granddaughter in Wisconsin who published her first novel while in the sixth grade. “I was convinced that we may have similarly talented writers in the U.P.,” Buege said.

Buege approached the rest of the UPPAA board members, who embraced the idea of a contest that would encourage students to become interested in writing and to pursue their talents. Buege also found an anonymous donor to provide financial support. He chose to name the contest after the classic children’s book Dandelion Cottage (1904) by Carroll Watson Rankin, an author from Marquette who published several children’s novels. Once the contest was announced and entries began to come in, Buege was confirmed in believing the idea was a good one. “I was not disappointed,” he said. “The quality of the submissions was beyond my expectations.”

U.P. Reader Issue #2
U.P. Reader Issue #2

The submissions were judged by a group of UPPAA members, all authors themselves. Prizes for the contest were designated to be $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. However, this first year there was a tie for third place and the judges also decided to award an Honorable Mention. In addition to the cash prizes, the first place winner’s name will be engraved on a traveling trophy that will be displayed at the student’s school each year. First, second, and third place winners are also all given medallions with their names and award placement engraved on them. Finally, the first and second place winners’ stories will be published in the 2nd annual U.P. Reader, the new literary publication of UPPAA, which will be released at UPPAA’s annual meeting on June 2.

This year, the first place winner of the Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest is Katie McEachern, a freshman from Negaunee. She won for her story “The Attack.” Second place is awarded to Emma Locknane, a junior from Gwinn, for her story “Welcome to the New Age.” Third place is awarded to both Anna Laakso, a sophomore from Republic/Michigamme, for her story “Elite” and Sarah Lauzon, a fifth grader from Ironwood for “Henry the Kitten.” Honorable Mention is awarded to Sierra Hendrickson, a freshman from Negaunee, for her story “Abducted.”

Treasurer Larry Buege and Vice President Gretchen Preston have been traveling to the schools to present the awards to the students. In addition, at the annual UPPAA conference, President Tyler Tichelaar will present the traveling trophy to the first place winner and her teacher.

The Landmark Inn, Marquette
The Landmark Inn, Marquette

UPPAA’s annual conference will be held this year at the Landmark Inn in Marquette from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To attend the conference, visit A full schedule of the conference, including speakers and presentations, is included at the website. Deadline for registration is May 25. Writers of all ages are welcome.

The second annual Dandelion Cottage contest is now open for entries. Full submission guidelines can be found at The deadline for the contest is January 31, 2019.


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