UP Reader — Issue #2 goes to press

We are proud to announce that U.P. Reader — Issue #2 has just been sent to the printer.

Below is the final version of the cover that was sent to production.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Use right mouse-button and choose “Save As…” to save it to your computer.  All rights are hereby granted for use on all social media platforms for any purpose.

U.P. Reader -- Issue #2
U.P. Reader — Issue #2

Meet Katie McEachern, winner of the 1st Dandelion Cottage Award

Bio: Katie McEachern is a freshman at Negaunee High School.  During her first year, she is active in band, chorus and gymnastics. In her free time Katie enjoys music, writing, drawing, poetry and many other fine arts. She also enjoys adventuring to “cool and unique” places. Additionally, Katie spends time taking pictures with friends, babysitting and doing makeup.

Katie McEachern, Winner of the Dandelion Cottage Award
Katie McEachern, Winner of the Dandelion Cottage Award

Buy UP Reader at a bookstore

The following bookstores are stockists for U.P. Reader (listed from Western U.P. to Eastern U.P.)

  • More stores will be added in the June 2017 timeframe so be sure to check back here or write to victor@LHPress.com

Details revealed about how to purchase Issue #1!

Please visit our UP Reader FAQ Page for details on how you can purchase the UP Reader Issue #1 including

  • Picking them up at the UPPAA Conference on May 20th, 2017 at the Peter White Library in Marquette, MI
  • Ordering online
  • Information for resellers including bookstores, gift shops, and museums

We regret that Consignment Sales agreements are not available but we will offer returnable sales, which is almost as good.

Deadline extended to Dec 21st 2016

cropped-up-1.pngThe deadline for submitting to this year’s inaugural edition of the U.P. Reader has come and gone and we received some incredible submissions from our writers. But, we would like to get a few more to round out what is shaping up to be an amazing first issue. So, we are extending the deadline for this edition of the U.P. Reader until December 21!

“I’m really excited about what we’ve received so far,” said Mikel Classen, project head for the U.P. Reader. “I really want to see more.”

This gives everyone just a little more time to take advantage of this opportunity to have their work showcased in the U.P. Reader. All fiction or Nonfiction along with poetry, up to 2500 words, will be considered. More information can be found at the page Submission Guidelines. or submission guidelines can be received by emailing editor@UPReader.org

Calling all authors – U.P. Reader is accepting submissions for 2017

UPPAA Logo, Square, Centered

Join the UPPAA today!


The Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) presents a new publication called the U.P. Reader. This will be an annual anthology that will feature the collected works of the best of the authors of the Upper Peninsula.

“The U.P. Reader is something I hope will put Upper Peninsula authors in touch with the readers to expand their exposure to a much greater and more effective level,” commented Committee Chair, Mikel B. Classen.

This collection will be published by the UPPAA and will showcase the multitude of talent within the membership of the organization. The U.P. Reader will average 45 – 50K words and will include all genres of writing including non-fiction and poetry. Artwork and photography pertaining to submissions are encouraged.  Writers submitting work that has previously appeared on a blog, Internet page, eBook, or in print will be disqualified.

The U.P. Reader will be available to book sellers as well as authors for sale and promotion. This will allow the members an opportunity to participate in a project that will not only showcase their talents as writers but also to get the finished product in front of readers so they can discover the U.P. authors that interest them no matter what their reading preference.
Submissions will be juried by a panel and those chosen will appear in the U.P. Reader. Authors chosen to be published in the anthology will see their submission published along with an author’s bio to steer readers to more work by that author.

“This is a publication about discovery. Finding new favorites and maybe rediscovering some old ones too. I think it is underestimated how many really talented writers we have living right here in the U.P. and the Reader will be the place to find them.” said Mikel Classen.

Tyler Tichelaar, President of UPPAA, adds, “A collection of short stories, poetry, and essays will allow readers to enjoy a hodge-podge of U.P. literature from many different voices and will offer numerous visions and definitions of what it means to live here. The U.P. can be many different things to many different people and such a collection will help make that clear.”

Proceeds from the U.P. Reader will be used to support operating costs of the UPPAA and its many events to educate its members about writing and publishing and to get U.P. literature into the hands of potential readers.

For more information, including submission guidelines, contact editor@UPReader.org

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