Announcing Writers Accepted for U.P. Reader 2024 Edition

U.P. Reader announces the authors selected for Volume #8 (April 2024)

Below is the putative Table of Contents, indicating the order in which stories will appear.

(Designations are P=Poem, NF=Non-Fiction, F=Fiction)

Hilton Moore, “A Hole in the Bucket”—FICTION

Bill Sproule, “’Doc Gibson and Professional Hockey in the U.P.”—NF One photo, and photos embedded

Kilgore Splake,

  • “Yooper Haiku”—P Photos to go with as space permits
  • “Coming Home”–P
  • “Opening Day”–P

Michael Peach, “Old Friends Having Lunch”—FICTION

Julie Dickerson,

  • “Many Will Never See a Waterscape Like This”—NF One photo
  • “A Walk in the Woods”– NF

Rosmary Gegare, “I Want to Say”–P


Adam Dompierre, “The Hotel Bantam”—FICTION

Gregory Lusk, “Taking Care of the Dog”—NF Photo embedded

David Swindell, “Death of the Old 289”—P Art image embedded

Tom Conlan,

  • “Places Few Have Seen”—FICTION
  • “Yellow Eyes”–P

Kathleen Carolton Johnson, “Dying in Rural Rockland”–NF

“When It Comes—A Poem for Voices”–P

Tyler Tichelaar, “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down”—FICTION

H. Miller, “Homage to the Pilgrim”–NF

Raymond Luczak,

  • “The North Country Sun”–P
  • “Jackquart’s”–P
  • “A. Lanfear Norrie School”–P

Becky Ross Michael, “Waters of Change”—FICTION

Tamara Lauder,

  • “The Writing Is on the Wall”—NF One photo
  • “Dementia Is”–P

Maria Vezzetti Matson, “The Good Evening”—FICTION  two photos embedded at end

Ellen Lord,

  • “Dorothy’s Apple Pie”–NF
  • “North Country Connection”–P
  • “Traveler”–P

Jodi Perras, “One Last Chance”—FICTION

Nancy Besonen, “All Customers Great and Small”–NF

Mack Hassler,

  • “Dog Park”–P
  • “Our Silent Spring, Read for Friend”–P

Rich Hill, “Chiblow Lake”—FICTION

Alex Noel (Alexandra Osetec),

  • “Mozambique”—NF Two photos
  • “Soak”–P
  • “Spring”–P

Rick Kent, “Two Rivers”—FICTION

Larry Jorgenson, “Memories of the Copper Country Limited”–NF

John Adamcik, “Negatives at a Funeral”–P

“The Fault Finders Quarry”—FICTION

Jane Piirto, “The Seasons, the Years, the Decades”—NF  Two photos

Ninie Gasparaini Syarikin, “The Last Blooms”–P

J.L. Hagen, “When Christmas Changed to Easter”—FICTION

Beverly Matherne,

  • “An Epistolary Poem”—NF/PROSE POETRY
  • “Paranormal or Normal: That Is the Question”–NF/PROSE POETRY
  • “Haiku for Roger Magnuson”–P

Brandy Thomas,

  • “The Opportunity of a Lifetime”—FICTION
  • “Meat”–P

Art Curtis, “Letters to Harrison #8”—FICTION

“Wrapped: An Elegy for My Father”–P

Mark Nelson, “Baraga County Redemption”–FICTION

Nina Craig, “Rootedness”—NF  Two photos

“When Ice Cracks Open”–P

Edd Tury, “River Gypsy”—P




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