Click on the links to buy U.P. Reader audiobooks on the platform of your choice! Five minute samples are available on and iTunes to preview the audiobooks. Listed in alphabetical order:

U.P. Reader – Volume 1 (2017)

 U.P. Reader – Volume 2 (2018)

U.P. Reader – Volume 3 (2019)

U.P. Reader – Volume 4 (2020)

U.P. Reader – Volume 5 (2021)

U.P. Reader – Volume 6 (2022)

U.P. Reader – Volume 7 (2023) -COMING SOON!!

  • – U.P. Reader Volume #7
  • iTunes – U.P. Reader Volume #7
  • – U.P. Reader Volume #7

Brandy Thomas narrates the U.P. Reader

The U.P. Reader project is proud to announce that a complete line of audiobook will be launched by the second quarter of 2021!   The audiobooks are narrated by the U.P.’s own Brandy Thomas of Thomas Editing (Gwinn, MI) so we can guarantee that you’ll hear familiar words like “pasty” and “Au Sable” pronounced in flawless Yooper dialect.  As of this writing, U.P. Reader volumes 1 and 4 are currently available to everyone on the popular, Apple’s iTunes, and online retail outlets.  There are no plans for a physical media version (such as CDs or cassettes) for U.P. Reader audiobooks.  The playing time varies according to the length of the printed books, so you’ll find that volume 1 is just under 3 hours while volume 4 is about 7 hours long.

You may click thru to your desired retail outlet and listen to a 5 minute sample at no cost or obligation.  It is NOT required for your to purchase a subscription to Audible or any other service to buy the audiobooks.  They can just as easily be purchased singly at your own pace.  Audiobooks make a great gift for anyone who is visually impaired as well being eminently practical for that long drive from St. Ignace to Marquette or from the Soo to the Copper Country, etc.

In our current arrangement, there is no library access at this time. However, the files are being provided for the popular “Talking Books” program that provides free audiobooks for the benefit of anyone who is physically unable to read for any reason including vision impairments, neuromuscular disorders, stroke victims, quadriplegics and similar issues.

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