FAQ about UP Reader

  • Can I purchase copies of UP Reader for resale?
    You can purchase copies of UP Reader for re-sale with any credit card by filling out a Bulk Order Form and emailing it to victor@LHPress.com.
    Or you can request a credit card or PayPal Invoice from victor@LHPress.com
  • How does UPPAA benefit from sales of UP Reader?
    Every copy of UP Reader sold will earn a royalty that will be paid to UPPAA twice each year.  This includes copies purchased through bookstores as well as those purchased by UPPAA members.  This will help UPPAA advance it’s educational objectives including annual meetings.
  • Can I advertise my book or business in UP Reader?
    Current UPPAA members can purchase a 1/4 page advertisement for $25. These will be invoiced to you for PayPal payments.
    Advertisements should be pre-designed for 3.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches tall at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) tall  and suitable for black-and-white printing and in 300 Dots Per Inch.   No bleeds.
    Alternately, you can send  50 words and up to one picture to victor@LHPress.com and I will make a best effort with your materials.
    Advertising deadline for all materials and payments will be March 15th, 2018
  • How can bookstores purchase copies of UP Reader?
    Bookstores are advised to purchase directly through Ingram where they will get trade discounts, including full return privileges.
    Museums, gift shops, and other businesses can receive a 45% discount on purchases made with a credit card.
    We can Invoice you for credit card payment through Stripe.com, PayPal, or you can write a check payable to Loving Healing Press Inc.
    Contact victor@LHPress or call 734-417-4266 to place your order by phone
    Books purchased can be returned for 100% refund when returned before December 31st.
  • How can I get a story, poem, or essay included in the next issue of U.P. Reader?
    Submissions for Issue #4 will be open until November 15th, 2019. However, space is limited so early submissions have the best chance of being considered by the jury.  Send your work to editor@UPReader.org and be sure to consult the guidelines.  Writers who submit work which has previously appeared in blog posts, web pages, eBooks, or in print will be disqualified.

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