About U.P. Reader

The U.P. Reader project is sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA), a non-profit organization devoted to supporting and connecting independent authors and small presses of Upper Michigan.  The U.P. Reader is a juried annual compilation of writings submitted by members of the UPPAA. A portion of the sales of every copy of U.P. Reader goes to support the mission of UPPAA.

The U.P. Reader project supports The Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest in its mission to encourage student authors who are residents of the Upper Peninsula School District.  Selected winners of The Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest will be featured in the pages of the subsequent year’s publication of U.P. Reader.  Special thanks go out to the benefactors of the contest for helping create the next generation of U.P. authors!

Publication of U.P. Reader is managed as a project by Modern History Press.  As such, U.P. Reader has access to a wide variety of national and international markets through Ingram (USA/CAN/AU) and Bertram’s Books (UK/EU), as well as eBook wholesalers that cater to libraries (EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Overdrive).

Please follow the links on this site to find out how you can participate in the U.P. Reader project.

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