Emma Locknane receives 2nd place Dandelion Cottage Award

Emma Locknane

Emma Locknane

Tonight I presented Emma Locknane with her second-place Dandelion Cottage Short Story medallion. This was during the Gwinn School Board meeting. Two TV stations and the Mining Journal were in attendance, but I don’t think they were there to place me on the air waves.

The original purpose of the short story contest was to encourage students to write. This does not appear to be the case. Every one of the winners that I have talked to stated they were writing long before the contest. We did not discover them; they discovered us. They are ecstatic to have a platform where they can show off their writing skills.

Both first and second place winners plan to attend our spring conference. We may have a younger looking conference.

Bio: Emma Locknane is a junior at Gwinn High School. She enjoys hobbies such as writing, drawing, knitting, and daydreaming. Her favorite reading genres are science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. She has many stories of her own she’s working on, and often spends her time developing characters and fictional worlds

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