Contributors to U.P. Reader #3 announced!

The U.P. Reader editorial team is extremely proud to announce the contributors and their works which have been selected by the jury for issue #3 (2019).

  • Larry Buege: “The Purloined Pasty” and “The Amorous Spotted Slug”
  • Mikel Classen: “Grand Island for a Grand Time”
  • Deborah K. Frontiera: “# 2 Pencils”
  • Jan Kellis: “The Rolls K’Nardly”
  • Amy Klco: “Seeds of Change”, and “The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me”
  • Dave Lehto: “The Best Trout I Never Ate” and “Pirates, Gypsies and Lumberjacks”
  • Sharon Kennedy: “Cut Me” and “The Demise of Christian Vicar”
  • Bobby Mack: “Warmth”
  • Becky Ross Michael: “Welcome to Texas, Heikki Lunta!”
    T. Sanders: “Aiding and Abetting”
  • Donna Searight Simons and Frank Searight: “Three Roads”
  • Emma Locknane: Trouble With Terrans
  • Lucy Woods: Stellae
  • Kaitlin Ambuelh: Free
  • t. kilgore splake: “becoming zen”, “good life”
  • Aric Sundquist: “Catching Flies”
  • Ninie G. Syarikin: “You are Beautiful” and “The Snake Charmer”
  • Tyler R. Tichelaar: “Summer of the Yellow Jackets”

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