Congratulations Lucy Woods, 2nd Place winner Dandelion Cottage

Lucy Woods, Copper Country Christian School

Lucy Woods, Copper Country Christian School

The second place award for this year’s Dandelion Cottage Short Story Award went to Lucy Woods, a junior from Copper Country Christian School, for her story “Stellae.”  This is the second time this contest has been awarded by the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA).  Winners of first, second, and third place are invited to attend the Spring Conference on June 1st, 2019 with their families.  Lucy’s story appears in U.P. Reader — Issue #3, the official annual of the UPPAA, now in paperback and hardcover.  The UPPAA donated six copies of U.P. Reader for a recent silent benefit auction for the Copper Country Christian School last month which raised hundreds of dollars for the non-profit group.

Lucy’s “Stellae” is a rollicking story in the pirate genre and a brief excerpt appears below:

“Because ye all will be findin’ out soon enough.” We all jumped an’ looked to where the voice be comin’ from. It be Cap’n Williams standin’ in the doorway with an eyebrow raised. He swaggered over to join the rest of us an’ unrolled a large leather map in front of us on the table. It had upon it a great many things: islands, mountains, names, scribbled notes an’ arrows. I had seen a great many maps an’ been a great many places, but yet I could not see me a familiarity on this here map. “Here, men,” said the cap’n, pointin’ to a small island. “This is where we be headin’.”

“Where be this island?” I asked.

“Right here, can’t ye see where I be pointin’?” replied the cap’n with a twinkle in his eye.

“Aye, but I haven’t seen any of those places surroundin’ it before.”

“Of course ye haven’t seen them. Very few have. It be a very dangerous place surrounded by treacherous waters an’ risks unknown called the island of Stellae. Very few have dared to go. Only one has made it an’ returned to tell of the beautiful wonders that be beyond these hazards an’ here on this island, an’ that be me.” We all be starin’ at the Cap’n in disbelief. We had heard stories when we be but children, an’ that’s what we’d be thinkin’ they be, stories, much too good to be true.

About the Author:

It is rare to find Lucy Woods not taking part in an adventure in the realms of her immense imagination, listening to music, or referencing movies. She also loves hanging out with friends, creating artwork with spray paint, and has a passion for acting


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