Comprehensive Index of U.P. Reader Volumes 1 through 5

Comprehensive Index of U.P. Reader Volumes 1 through 5

Agbozo, Edzordzi
“Final Welcome”, v1, p. 54
“Rewinding”, v1, p. 54

Ambuehl, Kaitlin
“Free”, v3, pp. 67-69

Argeropoulos, John
“Tales from the Busy Bee Café”, v2, pp. 5-8

Arten, Lee
“Iced”, v1, p. 40

Askwith, Leslie
“Geology Geek Finds God, A”, v2, pp. 9-11

Bartel, Barbara
“Your Obit”, v5, pp. 4-6

Bertineau, T. Marie
“Kalamazoo, The”, v4, pp. 98-100
“Memoir as a Healing Tool”, v5, pp. 112-120

Besch, Binnie
“Little Magic, A”, v5, pp. 7-9

Bissonette, Aimée
“Katydids”, v1, p. 44

Bodey, Don
“Deal Me Out”, v5, pp. 10-14
“How to Hunt Fox Squirrels”, v5, pp. 15-19

Brockman, Craig
“Fairy in a Berry Can, The”, v5, pp. 20-24
“I Watched Someone Drown”, v4, pp. 103-104
“Shirley’s Cabins”, v4, pp. 105-108

Brule, Stephanie
“Walk, The”, v5, pp. 25-26

Brunner, Sharon Marie
“Active Dreams”, v1, pp. 56-59

Buege, Larry
“A.S.S. for State Slug”, v5, pp. 27-29
“Amorous Spotted Slug, The”, v3, pp. 6-7
“Party Animals”, v4, pp. 101-102
“Purloined Pasty, The”, v3, pp. 4-5
“Silent Night”, v2, pp. 14-17
“Song of Minehaha, The”, v1, pp. 5-11

Carr, Tricia
“Clark Kent Says It All”, v4, p. 40
“Domestic Violence”, v4, pp. 41-46
“Matter of Time, A.”, v5, pp. 30-32

Classen, Mikel B.
“Au Train Rising”, v2, p. 18
“Grand Island for a Grand Time”, v3, pp. 8-11
“House on Blakely Hill, The”, v1, pp. 37-39
“Introduction”, v1, p. 4
“Introduction”, v2, p. 4
“Light Keeper Hero of Passage Island Lighthouse”, v4, pp. 94-97

Dallman, Ann
“Awareness”, v4, p. 93
“Bear Woman”, v2, pp. 21-22
“Menominee County/MyHometown Abandoned”, v1, p. 42
“Wolf Woman”, v1, p. 42

Dankert, Annabell
“Dagger of the Eagle’s Eye, The”, v5, pp. 124-130

Dennis, Walter
“Ash”, v5, pp. 140-143

Dionne, Karen
“Karen Dionne Interview – The Wicked Sister”, v5, pp. 101-111
“What I Learned from Writing my Breakout Book”, v4, pp. 110-114

Elderkin, Giles
“Minié Ball”, v2, pp. 32-34

Farwell, Frank
“Source”, v1, pp. 45-49

Frontiera, Deborah K.
“#2 Pencils”, v3, pp. 12-16
“Fragile Blossoms”, v1, p. 12
“Lunch Kit, The”, v5, pp. 30-32
“Stone’s Story, A.”, v4, pp. 88-92
“Superior Sailing”, v2, pp. 23-29

Fust, Elizabeth
“Abandoned Dream, An”, v1, pp. 27-28
“Alphabet Soup”, v5, p. 37
“Great Divide, The”, v4, p. 87
“Paper Tracks”, v4, pp. 84-86
“Typewriter, The”, v2, pp. 30-31

Grede, Robert
“Rescue of the L.C. Waldo, The”, v5, pp. 38-43

Hand, Charles
“Night to Remember, A”, v5, pp. 44-46

Hill, Rich
“Bait Pile, The”, v4, pp. 76-80
“Whiteout”, v4, pp. 81-83

Holmgren, Kyra
“Treasured Flower, The”, v5, pp. 131-136

Jackson, James M.
“Winning Ticket”, v1, pp. 13-16

Johnson, Kathy
“Feeling Important”, v5, pp. 47-48

Kellis, Jan Stafford
“Addiction”, v4, pp. 71-72
“Please Pass the Wisdom”, v2, pp. 35-37
“Ratbag Family, The”, v4, pp.73-75
“Rolls K’Nardly, The”, v3, pp. 17-18
“U.P. Road Trips”, v1, pp. 20-21

Kennedy, Sharon M.
“Blew: Incarnation”, v5, pp. 49-50
“Cut Me”, v3, pp. 33-36
“Demise of Christian Vicar, The”, v3, pp. 37-38
“Katie: Purity”, v4, pp. 62-65
“One Shot Alice”, v2, p. 38
“Quiet Times”, v4, pp. 66-70
“Saturday Mornings on Chestnut Street”, v2, pp. 39-42
“Thomas: Fortitude”, v5, pp. 51-54
“Tribute to Dad, A”, v1, pp. 50-51
“We Are Three Widows”, v1, pp. 18-19

Kent, Chris
“Death So Close”, v5, pp. 57-60
“Muses from a Deer Shack Morning”, v4, p. 61
“Spearing Shack, The”, v5, pp. 55-56

Klco, Amy
“Death Comes to Visit”, v2, pp. 46-47
“Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me, The”, v3, pp. 21-25
“Seeds of Change”, v3, pp. 19-20
“Story-Seer, The”, v1, pp. 22-23
“True Confessions of an Introverted, Highly-Sensitive Middle School Teacher”, v2, pp. 43-45

Lammi, Jennifer
“On Turning Forty”, v2, p. 48

Lauder, Tamara
“Right Judgment”, v5, pp. 61-62
“That Morning”, v5, p. 63
“U.P. Summers Are For the Bugs”, v4, p. 60

Lehto, David
“Best Trout I Never Ate, The”, v3, pp. 26-27
“Coyote Pups”, v4, p. 54
“Pirates, Gypsies and Lumberjacks”, v3, pp. 28-32
“Shepherd, The”, v4, pp. 55-59

Locknane, Emma
“Trouble with Terrans”, v3, pp. 54-60
“Welcome to the New Age”, v2, pp. 85-94

Locknane, Teresa
“My Scrap Bag”, v5, p. 64

Lord, Ellen
“Another COVID Dream”, v5, p. 65
“Guillotine Dream”, v5, p. 65

Luczak, Raymond
“How Copper Came to the Keweenaw Peninsula”, v2, pp. 52-54
“Independence Day”, v4, pp. 47-53
“Truck, The”, v4, p. 47
“Yoopers”, v2, pp. 49-51

Mack, Bobby
“Warmth”, v3, pp. 37-38

Martin, Terri
“Rants of a Luddite”, v2, pp. 55-57
“Yooper Loop, The”, v2, pp. 58-61

Maurer, Sarah
“Visitors, The”, v1, p. 55

McEachern, Katie
“Attack, The”, v2, pp. 80-84

McGrath, Roslyn Elena
“Hoffentot Magic”, v1, p. 41
“Stop Clocks”, v2, p. 63
“Winded”, v2, p. 62

Michael, Becky Ross
“Lonely Road”, v1, pp. 24-26
“Much Different Animal”, v4, pp. 31-32
“Slip of the Lip”, v2, pp. 64-66
“Sumac Summer”, v5, p. 66
“Welcome to Texas, Heikki Lunta!”, v3, pp. 43-45

Mills, Charli
“Called to the Edge of Gichigami”, v4, pp. 36-39

Moore, Hilton
“Dog Named Bunny, A.”, v5, pp. 75-82
“Requiem for Ernie”, v5, pp. 70-74

Mueller, Cora
“Thief of Hearts”, v4, pp. 129-137

Painter, Nicholas
“Imposter Among Us, The”, v5, pp. 137-139

Perkins, Cyndi
“Dry Foot”, v4, pp. 33-35

Pfister, Shawn
“Legend, The”, v2, p. 67

Preston, Gretchen
“Old Book”, v5, p. 83

Rastall, Janeen Pergrin
“Stocking Up”, v1, p. 17

Saari, Christine
“At Camp”, v1, p. 43
“At Camp: When the Cat Is Out of the House”, v2, p. 71
“Habitat”, v2, p. 72
“Nonetheless”, v1, p. 43

Sanders, Terry
“Aiding and Abetting”, v3, pp. 46-50
“Inception Through a Shared Fantasy”, v2, pp. 73-75
“Jacqui, Marilyn, & Shelly”, v1, pp. 29-31
“Mi Casa en El Paso”, v4, pp. 25-29

Saxby, Gregory
“Last Tear, The”, v2, p. 76
“On the Circuit”, v2, p. 76

Schneller, Ar
“Champ”, v1, p. 52
“Her skin”, v1, p. 52
“Nightcrawlers”, v1, p. 52
“Twinkle Twinkle Imaginary Star”, v2, p. 77

Scott, Joni
“Woundwort, The”, v4, pp. 19-22

Searight, Frank
“Calamity at Devil’s Washtub”, v5, pp. 84-91
“Three Roads”, v3, pp. 51-52

Shapton, May Amelia
“Crucify and Burn”, v4, pp. 126-128

Simons, Donna Searight
“Calamity at Devil’s Washtub”, v5, pp. 84-91
“Cousin Jack Foster”, v4, pp. 23-24
“Three Roads”, v3, pp. 51-52

Splake, T. Kilgore
“Another Morning”, v2, p. 95
“becoming zen”, v3, p. 71
“Brautigan Creek Magic”, v2, p. 95
“god’s country”, v4, p. 18
“good life”, v3, p. 71
“holy holy holy”, v5, p. 92
“untitled symphony”, v4, p. 18
“upper peninsula peace”, v5, pp. 82-92

Sundquist, Aric
“Bottom Feeder”, v2, pp. 96-100
“Catching Flies”, v3, pp. 72-75

Sutherland, Megan
“Confliction”, v4, pp. 118-125

Syarikin, Ninie G.
“Catching the Butterflies”, v4, p. 29
“Love Is…”, v4, p. 30
“Luxury by the Michigamme River, A”, v5, p. 93
“Morning Moon above Norway”, v5, p. 94
“Snake Charmer, The”, v3, p. 78
“You Are Beautiful”, v3, pp. 76-77

Tavernini, Rebecca
“Heartwood”, v1, p. 53

Taylor, Jon
“How to Tell”, v4, p. 17
“River of the Dead, The”, v4, p. 17
“Song Cover, A”, v2, p. 101

Thomas, Brandy
“Service Alert”, v4, pp. 14-16
“Waves”, v5, p. 98

Tichelaar, Tyler
“Blueberry Trail, The”, v2, pp. 102-106
“Many Lives of Pierre LeBlanc, The”, v4, pp. 7-13
“Marquette Medium”, v1, pp. 32-35
“Poetic Grief Diary in Memory of My Brother Daniel Lee Tichelaar, A “, v5, pp. 95-97
“Summer of the Yellow Jackets”, v3, pp. 79-86

Tolonen, Fenwood
“Attention”, v4, pp. 137-138

Winters, Donna
“Cedena’s Surprise”, v2, pp. 107-114
“Moving Up”, v4, pp. 4-6
“My First Kayak Trip”, v5, p. 99

Wisniewski, Jan (“Jon”)
“Final Catch, The”, v2, pp. 115-118

Woods, Lucy
“Stellae”, v3, pp. 61-66

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