Announcing the 2022 UP Reader Contributions

With a record-breaking 33 contributors to U.P. Reader #6, we are expecting the largest ever issue to hit the stands in April 2022. UPPAA President Victor Volkman says of the 6th annual volume, “I am particularly pleased with the diversity of writers and topics this time around. With the addition of this year’s Dandelion Cottage award winners, I am expecting a well-rounded publication which shows off every aspect of U.P. writing talent.”

The U.P. Reader committee would like to thank everyone who has submitted a story for trusting them with your words.

The jury chose the following authors and submissions for 2022:

  • Phil Bellfy, “Nimishoome”
  • T. Marie Bertineau, “Snow Child:”
  • Don Body, “Kid”
  • Sharron Brunner, “The Pasty Smuggling Ring”
  • Larry Buege, “Troubled Waters”
  • Tricia Carr (Pat Malashenko), “I’m So Sorry Margaret” and “Silent Witness”
  • Deborah K. Frontiera, “The Stubborn Snowblower”
  • Elizabeth Fust, “Finders and Keepers”
  • John Hagen, “The Most Remarkable Thing”
  • Donald (Mack) Hassler, “Three Poems Linking Emerson, Besonen, Custer”
  • Richard Hill, “Iriquois Island” and “Maxwell”
  • Douglas Hoover, “Extinct” and “The Document”
  • Sharon Kennedy, “Lemon Cookies” and “A Day at Marlene’s Beauty Parlor”
  • Chris and Rick Kent, “Christmas Eve at Dead Wolf Bar”
  • Kathleen Carlton Johnson, “Coffee in the Morning” and “Hunting Season”
  • Tamara Lauder, “Novel” and “Saying Goodbye”
  • Ellen Lord, “Sorrow’s Lament” and “Interlude”
  • Raymond Luczak, “Solivigant” and “Woodpecker”
  • Robert McEvilla, “Doe Season”
  • Becky Ross Michael, “Dinner for Two”
  • Nicole Mitchell, “Astrid the Lighthouse Keeper”
  • Cyndi Perkins, “Seeds Well Planted” and “Superiority Complex”
  • Christine Saari, “Abandoned Dreams” and “The Beaver”
  • t. kilgore splake, “Poet’s Dream Odyssey” and “Cliff’s Magic”
  • Bill Sproule and John Haeussler, “Joe Linder”
  • David Swindell, “Animals Sing Their Songs to You”
  • Ninie Gaspariani Syarakin, “Copper Country Crochet” and “The First Time”
  • Brandy Thomas, “Autumn Jewelbox” and “The Ospreys”
  • Tyler Tichelaar, “Lucy and Maud”
  • Edd Tury, “Up in Michigan”
  • Victor Volkman, “The Freshman”
  • Cheyenne Welsh, “Rain Falls from the Sky as the Stars Bleed Away Their Dreams”
  • Donna Winters, “Problems We Can Solve”

Please note that Dandelion Cottage Contest winners are not yet announced as of this posting!

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