UP Reader announces cover design for Issue #2

UPPAA is proud to announce the finalist for cover design of the UP Reader — Issue #2.  Special thanks to Mike Classen for providing this awesome picture of a U.P. wolf.    Graphic design by Doug West’s ZAQ Design.

Cover Photo: “U.P. Wolf” by Mikel B. Classen. This was shot a few years back in northern Marquette County. That was back when I carried a Pentax and still shot with film. This was taken with a 200mm telephoto lens on 35mm film. I’ve always felt that the wolf is the embodiment of the spirit of the Upper Peninsula. Loyal to its family, yet independent and tenacious, a creature that has overcome all odds to survive, the wolf’s struggle reflects our struggles. There is no U.P. wilderness without the wolf. To hear the call of the wolf echoing across the untamed landscape is to truly live.
U.P. Reader Issue #2

U.P. Reader Issue #2

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